just the beginning of a jazz rock piece, influenced by gong, even though it doesnt sound that much like em.

I know nothing about saxophones, i just like the sound of em, so i dont know if the sax parts are playable. Im also not much of a drummer, so i dont really know if the drums are playable either.
song of no name(intro).zip
Well, I'm no drummer or saxophonist either, but through music theory, your parts are definitely playable by upper-caliber musicians. Anyway, your melody and instrument parts were developed well, and I didn't think it was too repetitive, but you use the same melody for about part of the piece for the guitar. However, your other parts were changing and developed enough to cover up the re-use of a melody. The saxophones added that tone to the song that isn't accesible with all string and percussion instruments. So, very well done. Post the finished and I'll be sure to check it out.

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Sounded great. Can't think of anything that needs changing except that 12 bar horns thing didn't sound too good IMO. I'm a saxophonist (havent played in a while though, since getting a guitar it's taken over) but it seems playable. I'll maybe get my saxophone out and have a go at it later. I'll let you know then.
Anyway yea good song, nothing negative to say about it.
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That song was pretty awesome!
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5 Mins 15 seconds. And it's still the intro. This is going to be a long song. But i like it so it dont matter much! Nothing negative to say about it really, Except some parts seem out of place. Around the 1 Minute 50 seconds, till about 2 minutes 15. The continuous beeps, i didnt like them.

But ill give it a 8/10. Nice one!

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