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Through the years, Pink Floyd achieved major success starting out with The Dark Side Of The Moon, but few know the story of the Pink Floyd everyone knows about with David Gilmoure, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Pink Floyd was originally led by Syd Barrett, but with his use of LSD, he descended into Schizophrenia. Here is his story.

Pink Floyd was formed in Cambridge, London, 1965 by Roger "Syd" Barrett and his childhood friend, Roger Waters. Barrett was the band's lead singer and songwriter, having hits like "Arnold Layne". Syd named the band after two obscure blues musicians named Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. There first album, "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" was mainly the work of Syd Barrett. Syd's use of LSD can practically be seen in the writings of his music, with "Interstellar Overdrive" having the first minute be organized music, and then going into 7 minutes of "freaking out" with a horrific sound on the guitar, and an eerie keyboard sound. The song then uses a drum roll to end the song. The songs Syd was writing sometimes had a silly thought to them, with "Arnold Layne" being about a man who sniffs girls panties in his backyard. Although the band was popular, they were no where near the success they would achieve in the '70s. Syd Barrett's constant use of psychedelic drugs soon began to destroy him, and it was showing to the rest of the band. Legendary Guitarist, David Gilmour, joined the band in 1968 to carry out Syd's duties. Barrett's behavior was becoming less and less predictable. During concerts, he would sometimes stare into space, while the rest of the band played. His condition was known as Schizophrenia. Pink Floyd went to do the Pat Boone show. They played a song in rehearsal when the cameras were off, and Barrett would mime to the music as expected. When they put the cameras on to record it, Syd stared into space, not moving a muscle. At another concert at the Fillmore West, Syd went on stage, and stared into space again, but then detuned all the strings on his guitar. He started to strum it. Rick Wright described the sound to be horrific, however the crowd loved the show. Pink Floyd had no choice but to cancel the american tour. Pink Floyd never officially released there next attempt at a single, "Vegetable Man", written and sung by Syd, being about a super hero. The band simply stopped taking him to concerts, and officially formalized his departure. Barrett released "The Madcap Laughs", his first solo album in 1968. He completely changed his songwriting style, with just an acoustic guitar and his singing. His next album, "Barrett" was the same style. "Barrett" was produced by David Gilmour. David described the album as a "nightmare" to make, because Syd would never play the song with the same measures, or the same way at all. After 1972, Barrett began to withdraw from music. There were attempts to bring him back. For example, the Sex Pistols wanted him to produce their next album. All attempts did not work though. There were also attempts to enter him into psychiatric help. Sometimes they could get him to the door, but never passed that. In an interview with Nick Mason, someone tried to explain Syd's symptoms to him, but Syd replied "Are you sure this is Syd's problem?". He started to live as a recluse in London. Pink Floyd, after having a series of moderately successful album's, achieved huge stardom with the legendary masterpiece, "The Dark Side Of The Moon". The album is about what can drive a person to lunacy. For example, "On The Run" has the sound of an airplane crashing, showing the fear of flight. "Money" deals with the amount of greed in the world. "Us And Them" has to do with the insanity of warfare. "Brain Damage" talks at the end about lobotomy. Syd Barrett had a horrific reunion with Pink Floyd in 1975 during the making of "Wish You Were Here". His condition had severely gotten worse. He walked in the studio unannounced. When Rick Wright saw him, he did not recognise him. Neither did the rest of the band members. Syd Barrett had shaved of all the hair from his head and including his eyebrows. He had gained alot of weight and said "I have a large fridge at home and I've been eating alot of pork chops". The band members were in tears. Syd had a toothbrush, and tried to brush his teeth by holding it still, and jumping up an down. He coincedentally came in during the making of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", which was obviously about him. The title also spelled out his name, (S)hine on (Y)ou crazy (D)iamond, with the first letter of every other word spelling S-Y-D. After the making of the hugely successful "Wish You Were Here", Syd literally walked backed to Cambridge, where he left the music industry for good. The are many pictures of him in the '80s, '90s, and '00s, were he is either walking or biking to the store. There were some compilations of his solo work, with "Wouldn't You Miss Me" containing his never-before-heard "Bob Dylan Blues", and the album "Opel". He doesn't like to be around people in general. The only human contact he has is with his mother and sister, plus fans who know his address. When a fan knocks on his door, he usually just tries to say goodbye in the most polite way possible. Today he goes by his original name, Roger. He enjoys gardening, an painting. However he suffers from type-B diabetes, and stomach ulsers. In an interview with Roger Waters, he said that it upsets Syd to be with people from the Pink Floyd-era of his life, and the best thing Roger can do to help is to stay away from him. Some believe that Syd suffers from the same disease as Albert Einstein, Asperger's Syndrome, while most (including the members of Pink Floyd) believe it is Schizophrenia. His music career was short-lived, but in the time he had, he shined like a diamond.
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"Although highly unlikely, Syd might be able to get therapy, and join Pink Floyd again."

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"With the right therapy, Syd could star in a re-union with Pink Floyd and shine like he did before."
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