Oh yeah...im still a beginner..im still practcin about 2 months now..but because of UG...im playin like Carlos Santana!!!Hehehe...just joking...im kinda havin a hard time with my fingers...i cant keep up with the beat when im picking...im kinda having a hard time...
practise at a slower speed with a metronome and raise the speed once you feel confident at that lower speed

good luck
yeah just practice practice, it takes time getting used to that picking motion. remember use your wrist for picking, not your arm/elbow
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Go with a slow beat at first, build it up slowly until you're confident enough, practise a lot and put effort into it.

(Btw, this should be under "Guitar & Bass Basics" but oh well.)
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is it normal to pick with ur thumb?

definitely..when you play classical.