This is possibly the worst song i've ever written...

My poems/songs are usually love songs, with dark undertones... and they are 99.9% metaphorical...
However this song just has a poppy flow to it.

(oh yeah and the last lines in ()'s are pretty much an inside joke)

"Pop Gay Song" (as it's called in My Documents)

The toner's low,
The ink half gone,
My thoughts have run dry,
And I don't know why.

Cause my thoughts,
Flow at a million miles a second,
Thinking of you,
Is like an alternate heaven.

But wanting you,
Seems like such a sin,
Because he has you,
And you have him...

But our tears ran dry,
And you moved on,
And You found him there,
I guess I was wrong.

So beat me while I'm weak,
So beat me while I see...

You and him together,
It's seems like it's been forever...
Will it ever come to an end?

Cause I've been sitting here waiting,
Biding my time,
Biting my lip,
Waiting in line.

Hoping you've seen me,
My heart is still beating,
You've nowhere left to go.

So beat me while I'm weak,
So beat me while I see...

You and me together,
I wish it lasted forever,
Did it have to come to an end?

Cause I've been sitting here thinking,
Wasting my time,
Licking lips,
Reminiscing what was once there.

Hoping you've thought of me,
My mind is still wandering,
You've no one left to know.

So take me while I'm weak,
So take me while I seek.

(Babe, we could be here forever,
If you offer me your heaven,
A Goddess you are,
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also has the same title as the most racist Guns n Roses song.
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I kinda like it, I'm not going to give it a full crit though.
It kind of reminds me of that song Adam Sandler sings in the Wedding Singer, with the really cheasy lyrics "Feeling Melancholy". I like that song.

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