hey i was just wonderin.....is htere any disadvantage to have a lower watt amp n just micin it up alot opposed to maybe 1 on a higher watt? thanks
You can crank a lower power tube amp and get the power amp saturation happeing without going deaf
I dont know but i also wanna find out
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You can crank a lower power tube amp and get the power amp saturation happeing without going deaf

Well, yes and no. A 5 watt saturated tube amp can reach hearing-damaging dB levels. But yeah, you can't just play anything larger than a small room with one because it doesn't move enough air.

It also depends on what kind of amp you're using. If you're using a solid state amp, then you want a lot of head room (more watts than you're going to use), so going big isn't a problem. Tube amps on the other hand, you're going to want as many watts as you're going to need or less, so you can saturate the tubes. Micing an amp, though, is probably your best bet. It's easier to balance levels with all mic'd instruments anyway.
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Like has been said before, If it's a tube amp, get lower watts and mic it. You can get the tube overdrive much more easily for lower volume situations and when you need to play loudly, you can mic it.
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Although with the less wattage you have, the less headroom you have, so if you plan on playing really loud with a clean sound. . .
also, to some degree it depends on what ur mic'ing it to.
its great if ur gear is top notch, but some places have crap for a sound system, or a goof at the board, who's screwing up ur sound.

sometimes u want to be able to handle the room all by urself.

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