i have never studied music theory at all, and when i try, i get too overwhelmed and such to actually learn what i studied. usually i forget the next day

also, does anyone know of any places on the internet to get good and accurate scales?
a couple of great sites are www.wholenote.com. it has anything you want to learn with midis and some mp3's. it is very very useful. another great site is www.shredacademy.com. it has real shred players teaching things and explaining things on there. both of them are free. also learning scales only takes you so far. the best thing to do is learn every single note on the neck and just learn the notes within a major or minor scale. there is a million scales out there, but they all eventually relate to the major or minor.
Look at the lessons here. You'll find just about everything you need on UG. Feel free to ask questions about anything here in Musician Talk. Just do a quick search before you post.