Hi, my name is Kount Kris. I am currently the singer and lead guitarist to my band Fource Majeure. I'm working on my first solo project cd, and I finally recorded one of the first tracks that I had in mind. Heavily influenced by Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen... I'm just wandering what people think of this song and its style.


Thank you
Not too bad, i liked parts of it, but as far as shreddy stuff goes, it was mediocre, not much technique shown, not the most interesting melodies. Good harmonies, got a bit boring, really wasnt any shredding in it. Good tone though, and it was pretty clean. Reminds me a lot of iron maidens solos. Nothing crazy or ground breaking, but it worked, you did it wel, and it was pretty good i suppose. Not really becker style though. No shred in it really.