Hey, as you may or may know I have a Cube 60 at the moment and am looking to upgrade my amp. One of the amp settings I seem to be playing a lot with is the Tweed setting. I've looked this up and it's a model of a Fender Bassman 4x10 Combo. I've also looked these up, and the reissues go for about a grand, which I can't really afford.

Firstly, I'm not set on this amp, but it's a possibility. I really like the light overdrive of it on my Cube, and it just gets better the more you turn the gain up. A couple of questions:

1) The originals were made for bass amps, right?
2) Were the originals all-valve, or is it just the re-issues?
3) There's several Bassman heads going on eBay for quite reasonable prices, would these get the sound that I like on my Cube?

Thanks for any answers.
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