My singing isn't very good, and the double-tracking in the chorus is by no means tight, but I'm trying. Drop me some tips if you guys have any.
The guitar was all V-AMP, the drums were Acoustica Beatcraft, and the bass was the guitar with a pitch shifter effect.
Gotta put more emotion into your singing... its not horrible... its a good song, it could be a bit louder, this is definitely not a bad cover. I liked it Your verses are half decent... its just those chorus's hehehe....
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Yeah, the vocal's really let the song down which is a shame because the rest of you's sound really good. A very well done recording 8/10
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I just tried to learn the song... Are you tuned down an entire step down in your mp3? Sure sounds like it lol.. cheater! hahahaa jk
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Quote by Unborn
I just tried to learn the song... Are you tuned down an entire step down in your mp3? Sure sounds like it lol.. cheater! hahahaa jk
LOL yeah I did, Dexter has a damn high range!
EDIT: Also, what do you guys think of those little feedback effects in the intro and before the bass solo part? It was actually harmonics with volume swells and a flanger effect. I thought it sounded pretty cool.
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I really liked it, i just listened again for it, it sounds pretty sweet man! I like your cover so much Im trying to learn the song right now... I can kinda sing t it in standard(its definitely up there), the chorus is a bit out of range, but I think one day ill cover it!... If you ever do an instrumental of it in standard let me know i'd love to put vocals to it .. otherwise ill just have to do an acoustic one lol :p
but your cover... good job man!
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LOL I actually recorded it in standard, then realized it couldn't sing it and put a pitch shifter on all the tracks. I'm going to take off the pitch shifter, mute the vox, and upload another one. Gimme a sec.
EDIT: Done! SING IT, NOW!!! lol
hhahahah. i just learned it like... 10 minutes ago.. i dont knwo the lyrics. but sure ill give a stab in the dark to it lol
This should be interesting... .
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You're a great singer, I remember listening to some of your Green Day covers and that acoustic Fall Out Boy one, I love your voice!
Haha thanks man... im having a problem..
This is how i add vocals, i dont know any other way
i use my digital recorder and press record, at the same time i press play on your mp3... and i sing along with it, and if im off within a bit of time i edit it.. so i do the whole thing one shot, but for some reason i cant turn my speakers up very loud.. my receiver broke so i cant use my big speakers, im using these crap pc speakers 12 years old... and i cant hear the mp3 when im singing it, so i keep losing the time of it... so now i gotta figure out how to make the mp3 louder, or buy a receiver lol... sigh........any idea ygoka?
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What digital recorder do you have?
Can you connect the PC's headphone out to an in on the recorder, and use headphones to monitor?
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sweet i think i figured a good way to do it.. i hooked up my pa and put 2 mics into it, and played ur mp3, and recorded the sound with my 2 mics, one for each speaker, and the quality turned out pretty much teh same, so now ive got ur music in my recorder... and i can get the timing dead on.. Ill have to remix it to your original but at least the song will be in sync
sweeeeeeeet learn somethign every day i guess lol
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tab your version. nice, seemed like the high pitched part went a little fast to me.
I wrote this tab for Power Tab Network when it was up, but when it went down, UG stole all its tabs. That one's mine, and is exactly how I played it.
I think it was played excellent... Hey I got the vocals done... Took me a lil while cuz I wanted to do em good.. its not the easiest song lol

And obviously all the instruments are done by Ygokazuki
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I re-sang it, this time in standard (aren't you proud of me?)! I think it's easier to stay in tune towards the top if you sing louder....
Please have a look!
Thanks for your feedback! I'll be sure to comment on yours.
My recording rig is as follows:
1. Assemble a decent-sounding kit with Acoustica Beatcraft samples.
2. Program and sequence rhythms.
3. Adjust volume for samples as desired, and pan about suspended cymbals and toms.
4. Apply BBE Sonic Maximizer VST effect to drum tracks (on "Drums" factory preset).
5. Export to stereo WAV and open in Cool Edit Pro.
1. Fire up Behringer V-AMP 2 and load "bass" preset I made (makes the guitar very bassy sounding).
2. Record two takes of the bass in Cool Edit Pro, and pan them around.
3. EQ as necessary in Cool Edit Pro.
4. Send the two tracks to a bus, and apply the BBE Sonic Maximizer plugin ("Bass" factory preset).
1. Call up "Nu Rhythm Crunch" if recording rhythm, or custom setting if recording lead.
2. Record two takes of rhythm and pan them about.
3. Record two takes of lead and pan them about.
4. Send all the guitar tracks to a bus, and apply the BBE Sonic Maximizer VST ("Guitar" factory preset).
1. Call up a preset I made for vocals on the V-AMP.
2. Plug mic into V-AMP with impedance transformer.
3. Record lead vocals.
4. Record backing vocals, and pan them about.
5. EQ as necessary.
1. Adjust levels and EQ further as I see fit.
2. Delete.