I ve learned all the Major scales
so what should i learn now??
the minor and pentatonic
or the pentatonic then minor
learn the penatonic-minor, then the minor major scales, then learn the Major penatonic scales. THats what i did, and i loved it.
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Well once you've got the major covered, the minor is just a shifted a few frets up or down, I can't remember.

Same thing with the major/minor pentatonic.

and the Minor scale is also known as the Aeolian Mode, so you've already learned that when you learn that, and the same thing with the major, which I think is also known as the Ionian (not sure on this).

Once you learn the Major/minor scale and the major/minor pentatonic, I wouldn't worry about modes just yet.

Just practice playing in those two scales in different keys, working on your phrasing and improvising, you know, writing things in those scales.

Anyone can learn scales and play them up and down, but what's the point if you don't know which notes to pick?