I was thinking of in the future getting either a Gibson SG or an LP. Which one should I go for? Ive tried em out many times and love em both. I've also read both articles on them here at UG. I play metal(metallica, Sabbath Maiden style) blues, rock, classic rock funk, jazz and some other stuff. Which should I go for??

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Thanks in advance
LP IMO try them out it's down to personal opinion
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Seeing as how your into jazz and blues as well as rock, I'd go with the LP, but consider the weight differences they have. In my opinion, the LP has a better blues sound that the SG does, but thats just me.
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les paul definaltly, sg's to rocky!
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see I like the feel of the SG better. just fits in my hands better and i love the sound of it and also the feel of it. dont get me wrong, les pauls are amazing guitars, just doesnt fit my feel. but its really your opinion, either way wouldnt be a bad choice.
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LP's look nice, but their functionality is quite flawed actually. The weight, lack of ergonomic design, lack of high fret access, bad switch positioning. The only reason to get an LP is if you are after that powerful LP tone. It really does pack a good punch.

In my opinion, the SG is a better design.

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Well, seeing as how you already have an LP (yes, I know it's an Epi, but the Epi people on here will attack if I say epi is not as good as Gibson), I think you should go with the SG. I've got one, a '61 Reissue, through a Hotrod Deluxe (I see you have the deville, so, similar sound). As for playablility, the SG and the LP have the same neck. The SG is INSANELY lighter, and, with a good SG there is no reason you can't get the same tone out of it as an LP, they both have solid mahogany bodies and the same pickups (well, the '61 reissue has classic '57's which are a little crunchier). I have no problem matching the sounds of my friends '71 LP Custom. Try them both out side by side through the same amp, stand up and strap them on so you can feel the weight and positioning, play a few scales, listen for what you like.