i have an Audio-Technica cardioid condenser mic, and it says not to use it for drums, but i was wondering if it would be safe to mic my guitar amp with it. the amp will not be all that loud, but i know that some frequencies will hurt it. the mic i have is model AT3035, and i have a fender 300 watt amp. any help would be appreciated
As far as I know that mic is designed for being used with high sound pressure levels, so should handle the job with ease.
Safe? Yeah, it's not like the microphone will explode. . .

Doubtful it'll sound like a properly placed SM57, though.
It should actually sound better, did some research - it's a cardiod condenser mic he's got, should be great for studio recordings.
ya, i actually have a SM57, and they are crap compared to what i have now. thanks for the info, i tried it anyway, and sang into it after, and it sounded fine
300watt amp? Jesus fucking christ! What make/model?
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