So Martin sells a guitar kit. Could any of you share any knowledge or experience with guitar kits. How long does it take to make one? How do they play? Martin sells one guitar kit as a D41 for $600. Is it the D41 or is it a cheap model of a D41? How hard are they to make? Is it worth it?

I really appreciate your help. ANY help is appreciated!
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The D41 is a more decorated version of the D28. Inlaying the abalone purflins is difficult and requires tools and understanding that most people don't have when they are working on their 1st guitar. I would suggest the kit for making the D28. Martin kits are pretty good but the LMI kits that Mascot linked you to are a better value for your money. The wood is similar quality in both kits but the LMI delux kit comes fake ivory instead of just regular plastic and it comes with tuners that are much nicer tuners than the martin tuners.

Even with a kit that has the sides bent and everything cut and thicknessed it is still difficult and costly to build an acoustic guitar but it's also lots of fun if you like that sort of thing.

Before buying any materials I would suggest you get the book Guitar Making Tradition and Technology by William Cumpiano. You might be able to find it at your local library. Reading the book will help you decide how you want to go about building. There are many tools you could drop thousand on that you might not need or want but you can't know if you don't know the detailed steps in the building prossess.
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