anyone here knows guitar slapping?...how does that work...got any links to lessons???thanks in advance....

Personally I think it sounds disgusting. I'm not sure if that guy is just doing it wrong, but I'm assuming he's not seeing as it's a famous battle between him and Vic Wooten.
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Looking for a drummer in the Detroit, MI area
PM if interested!

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listen to

Kaki King

Justin King

they are on youtube and both have myspaces and websites

they are amazing
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Slap guitar sounds horrible.

play bass.
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slap guitar sounds neat, but seems like a bitch to get right, try on acoustic first.

edit: how come in every video/picture of Wooten I see, he looks braindead?
Quote by Onnie
Slap guitar sounds horrible.

play bass.

Maybe he likes the sound of it or wants to learn something new. Sometimes you can get some pretty cool sounds out of slap guitar.

He didnt ask you what slap guitar sounds like or if he should play bass insted he asked what it is.

Sorry, I just hate when people dont answer someones question and insted say stuff like for example if a person asked " What is a good (insert band here) song to learn? and someone replies with "That (insert band here) sucks and playing there songs wont help you at all"