Okay last year I was even more of an amp noob than I am now, so I bought a Marshall MG30DFX. It's looking like I'm gonna be stuck with it for a while now because I have no way of getting more money. The thing that keeps me remotely happy with the sound is my Boss DS-2, but I was wondering if something like an overdrive pedal added in would also boost the quality of my sound.
sell the sing, and the metalzone ..you should get enough money for somthing like a vox or a cube..awsome modulation amps.
Overdrives are meant to drive the tubes in a tube amp harder, so it really won't do all that much for an MG's sound.
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^ basically, yeah. Anything you do to try to improve it will only be a quick fix that'll probably sound a little better, but when you take a step back to think about it (probably about two weeks later), you'll realise it didn't improve your tone enough to stop you from being pissed off. And then you'll be even further away from that new amp.

You need to bite the bullet. don't buy anything else guitar-related (bar strings and picks, lol) until you've saved up enough for a new amp...

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