Hi, basically i intend to buy a Yamaha analogue MG12-4 mixer, ive an SM57 and want to record decent quality recordings from my guitar amp. Now ive got an M audio 2496 coming soon which should improve the pc side of things however, i will be going to do some recording elsewhere so need to ideally take my laptop rather than pc. Can anybody reccomend a suitable USB alternative for my laptop, remembering ive got the (soon will have) mixer for the preamps, so the sound card's line in will be the most used feature.


(oh and if we can can keep it sub £60 that would be nice )

The 1/8 (headphone size) adapter will plug into the line in of the soundcard and the 1/4 part will plug into the main out of the mixer. I can't tell by the picture of the mixer where u have to plug the 1/4 into, cuase i cant see a main out or in or sumthing, but it plugs in sumwhere, thats the cable u want just look at the mixer and see where u might be able to plug that in. Good Luck,

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