When you want to tune your guitar to a CGCGCE-tuning, how many steps up or down do you have tune it to from a standard tuning?
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...I take it you haven't been playing too long?

Get a chromatic tuner, and decide which direction you want to go on each string. My suggestions:

Low E down to low C
A down to G
D down to C
G remains
B down to C
E remains
I believe this is open C tuning
6th string (low E) - down 4 half-steps
5th string - down 2 half-steps
4th string - down 2 half-steps
3rd string - stays the same
2nd string - down 2 half-steps
1st string (high e) - stays the same

If you have questions, feel free to ask, or PM me.
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Open C: C G C G C E

1. Play the 9th fret Low E stirng and the A string open. Retune the 9th fret Low E to match the A string open.
2. Play the 7th fret Low E and the A string open. Retune the A string to match the 7th fret Low E.
3. Play the 12th fret Low E and the D string open. Retune the D string to match the 12th fret Low E.
4. Play the 12th fret A string and the G string open. Retune the G string to match the 12th fret A string.
5. Play the 5th fret G string and the B string open. Retune the B string to match the 5th fret G string.
6. Play the 4th fret B string and the High E open. Retune the High E string to match the 4th fret B string.
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Thx everyone...
And to Rain-something: Ive been playing about a year, ive just never come across with this kind of tuning...
But the princip is simply; tune it downward... Not up, so get a higer tune that the one you already have. Ok. Cool.
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