my band 'a little bit broken' have recently made our 1st recording. the recordings not great, we know, but its still not at a totally diabolical standard. we havnt been together for very long, but we REALLY WANT YOUR FEEDBACK, POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE!!

the song can be heard @


ALL feedback, and we wont get defensive if its not to your own liking, each to their own



Pretty Good!! for a first recording that is... nice. keep it up.
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Not bad man! How exactly did you record this? Just on mic? If so, even better job. I didnt get a chance to hear the enitre thing, only about 1 minute of it. The song sounds a tad generic, but good onetheless

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another one bites the dust has a pretty cool bass line
cheers for that guys, we had 2 write it in 2 hours for my mates music gcse, so we were short for time, but thts not an excuse. and yea, it was just on mics. thnx for the feedback so far guys
good tune dude, vocals kinda sound like the guy from default. keep it up.
I dont like the vocals at all, the tune is pretty catchy though.
The vocals are completely out of tune.
oh right, because on the grade he got for it (the vocalist) he got near full marks for his vocals, but thts the kind of crit we need!
not bad. recording quality not the greatest but that's not a big deal. The singer's voice definately coulda been louder. I enjoyed the catchy guitar riff that came in later on especially. Nicely done
cheers, i only just got chance to read your feedback, cheers, all feedback it much appreciated