Alright I think I'm going to chop my guitar around and do some stuff to it. Tired of the way it looks, don't want a new guitar.

First off I have a Squier Tele. The output plate is broken and I need a new one. It would be helpful if the website given with the other stuff had the part I need.

What I'm looking for..

1) Cheap paint
-A flat paint. Nothing glossy. Let's say dark blue.

2) Output plate
-Something that's not goign to crack like my old plastic one.

3)Cool Designed Pick Gaurd
- Black

4) Knobs
-Glass Black

Nothing rediculous in price. On a budget.
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Look in the stickies.

Off the top of my head, look towards reranch and stewmac.
^ jackplates choose whichever one applies.

^ pickguards, choose whichone applies.

^ plastic knobs, choose whichever one.

Go to your local fred meyers, or walmart, or something and buy paints from krylon (interior exterior paints) or Duplicolor. Be sure to get abotu 2 cans of white primer, 2 cans of blue ( choose a shade), and about 3 or 4 cans of matte clear.
Thanks for the painting tips.

I had emailed all parts which plate will work for my guitar I see the sqaure ones... not sure if they are the right screw spacing though.

None of the pictures on the website work though. I don't know why.