I have been playing a few years and had a fender and a LP. I alaways thought I should be better then where I am at. Never took lessons. Anyways I just bought the ibanezRGA121 and and playing alot of one from metallica. Did I have the skill just needed a diffrent guitar?
Short answer no. Unless your guitars before were absolute garbage (LPs and strats are definetely not) the equipment is almost never to blame. I'm guessing you just had a good day, one of those where a song just kinda clicks.
Hey I actually have a problem with it that really sucks, and would definitely piss you off either. being the most dedicated player you could think of, being able to play the same piece of music for an entire week hour after hour. i found out that my body will give up on my causing signs of RSI, anybody knowing this and got help, please...?
FretboardToAsh : dude, if you are having RSI related problems, go to a doctor, seriously. I realize asking other musicians really puts the problem in context, but they could potentially give you harmful information. Seek a professional.

bg182: I really think that you had the "skill" before, and the guitar didn't really change it. Although, the neck may have made a difference, but if you were having difficulties playing it on a strat, then I doubt it was a neck problem. Now that you KNOW you can play these songs, try doing it on your strat. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to. Hope that helped

I'd say it may be a bit of a placebo effect/confidence issue sort of thing.
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^ Placebo confidence thing - purely psychological - you now believe that you are the man ( you are btw ) and can play better than before because of it. It explains why most rockstars have huge egos and why most people tend to be more comfortable playing guitar with distortion on.