Ok so im liking my new job and looking for a nice small amp to do music from anything from say killswitch to black dahlia murder, I mainly play in drop C if that helps and sometimes even lower, im usin a Jackson SLSMG Soloist guitar mainly..I just want something with ok cleans, I have no problem buying a pedal to make the cleans sound better, but i want a good metal tone...and I want to be able to use it in the house, would a peavey xxx 40 watter be my best bet? dont really want to go over 1000 canadian, and i think a combo would probly be my best bet since i dont gig...thanks

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i have the XXX 120 watt version. it's a reallyl bright sounding amp. tone really depends on what guitar you have also. you'll either love the amp or hate it. i love mine though. you may want to see if you can get a used 6505 combo for that much also. it's a darker sounding amp.
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Uhhh.... Genz Benz el diablo 60 combo. Could be a little over your price range...

Also check out the Ashdown Fallen Angel. I've heard they can do good for nu-metal.
yeah i dont think theres a ashdown combo that im aware of, just the 60 watt head
any kind of soldano. even thoguht theyre so dam expensive. i tried one out today with an ibanez rgt220 and it sounded phenomal. and i didnt even have to crank the amp. but like i said, a 20W soldano tube amp costs $1500 canadian. for metal. you can just get about any decent tube amp and then just get a good overdrive/distortion/tubescreamer pedal.
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How about the Mesa Boogie F-30? I think it fits your price range...

F series arent voiced for metal/ dont have enough gain I think?

a 5150/6505 2x12 combo.
Randall RG50TC if you want to save cash.

Carvin MTS maybe? Or even a B52 AT100?

Just giving you options
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