How do I raise the action of my Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I only want to raise one string, the low E. It's the only string that buzzes. How do I raise it to stop the buzzing but keep it relatively close to the next as the other strings?

Did you see what I did there? I made fun of his mom!
id say if you dont hear the buzz when its plugged in then dont worry bout it, my d string buzzes acoustically but isnt a bother when plugged in so i dont mess with it
No, it's when it's unplugged, it buzzes off teh frets. What about the saddles? they look like they can me moved closer and further, would that raise the action of a string?

Did you see what I did there? I made fun of his mom!
no that just changes the intonation, i guess you just have to raise them all up a tiny bit, with you do with the two screw parts on the sides of the peice with the saddles
ok raise the side of the high e string, that should raise some of the other strings but hopefully not alot
yeah, or put a bit of paper between the string and nut cut of the offending string.

but if its only acoustic. then its not really a problem.

to adjust the action....

loosent the top screw on each post and that loosens the thumbwheel pointed to by red arrow.
the wheel raises and lowers the bridge on that side.

phil's pic.

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