OK, Im lookin at new guitars for my birthday, I found one that would suite me The ESP LTD F50 or F10 all I need to know is whats the diference?

Whoever gets AMS in the mail look on page 88 and both of them are on there

So please help... which one is better?
You mean the F100 right? The only difference is the flamed maple top which the 100-series features, I think.
If you decide to get the one with the flamed maple top, make sure you see the EXACT guitar you're buying to make sure it looks nice.

Every individual guitar with a flame top looks very different (different pattersn in the wood), so make sure your top looks good enough to warrant the price difference.

Don't buy without playing and examining the guitar first!
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Both are made out of crap and cheap wood, Agathis. Stay away from it, at least get an Alder or Basswood, which ESP LTD doesnt use much. I recommend you into looking other brands - Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter etc.
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