What's Morello's best and worst solo? Any ideas?

I heard that the new album will be like a rock meets soul album...
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best-- township rebellion

worst--id have to go with man or animal...just a lil to deafanin w/ the ^2 octaves

ya..their albmums gunna rock!!!
Um...good band, but they don't really capture my interest.

They're talented, no doubt, but I haven't even brought it upon myself to listen to Out of Exile all the way through yet.

Fav songs = Show Me How to Live, What You Are, and the Last Remaining Light

My favorite Morello solos would be either Killing in the Name, Like a Stone, or Kick Out the Jams. My favorite one to play is Settle For Nothing.
Morello the shizzle.... although I have a little remorse to getting into him. Buying my WH-1 made me go, "Oh wait, I have a CAR note to pay." I still have it though.. ah balls...
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Solid Band. Great Vocals, Guitar, and Drums. Bassist is good too. I really do like them better than Rage. Im not into the whole rap in rock thing.
Audioslave are a good band, but they don't hold a candle to rage or soundgarden. Just my opinion, don't get me wrong they are a well above average band and out of exil was one of my favourite records of last year. Im acctually really looking forward to their new album, does anyone know when its supposed to be relased? Hopefully soon.

Anyway, fav Morrello solo would have to be either 'Like a Stone' or 'Guerrilla Radio'.

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Favorite solos are maria, freedom, bulls on parade, calm like a bomb, and know your enemy. Definitly some of his less reconizible stuff that is his best work.
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