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LTD EC1000 $840 black cherry quilted
19 44%
Jackson RR3 $749 Rhodes V see thru blue flametop
24 56%
Voters: 43.
1) LTD EC1000 $700-$840 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Guitar/Electric?sku=516629 Great tone from any model, Id go black cherry.

2) Jackson RR3 $750 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=512230 My hero's shape for eternity and Ive never owned one. I would get transparent blue or black. Basically Rhodes V or Paul shape with differences in tone with completely different feels.
Uhm, try them out and then decide based on your personal impressions?
^^ you took the time to reply it takes even less to vote, so vote. no Jackson dealer around ID be ordering it, Ive played the ec 1000 and loved it but it has the same LP neck access issues.
the ldt will be much more comfortable. im opposed to v-shapes to some degree just because of how unwieldy they are
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It depends what you play. Metallica uses 24 frets in EADGBE tuning and Children of Bodom uses 24 frets AND a Floyd Rose in DGCFAD tuning. So yeah, depends on what you play. In my opinion though I would choose the Jackson in transparent black.
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Another tip. The unfinished neck is faster on the Jackson vs. the LTD glazed neck.

However, I'd pick a jackson V without a the floating temelo... but that's just me.
Dont play much Mettalica cant stand Hammets lead tone or compoitions, but thier rythyms kick. Havent heard enough COB to form a real opinion, but what Ive heard tones not the best and the Europe style keyboards/ hammered dulcimer thing with gutter growl vocals usually isnt my thing. Laiho kicks butt though.
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Tip: Don't buy a guitar just because someone famous uses it.

Im buying for the shape
It depends on which one you like better. Two very different guitars, really.

The LTD is gunna play more like a Les Paul, but give you a Metallica-esque tone. The 1000 series LTD are amazingly well built.

The Jackson is going to feel more like an Ibanez RG as far as the neck because its super thin and unfinished, but I find them to be rather awkward to play, especially sitting. The SD will give you more of a Megadeth kinda tone. The Jackson also isn't as well built as the LTD. I'm guess its basically just a regular RR3 with upgraded pickups, correct?
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The Jackson also isn't as well built as the LTD. I'm guess its basically just a regular RR3 with upgraded pickups, correct?

I purchased a M-300 Neck thru from GuitarCityDrumland in Colorado. I paid $750 with a hardshell case back in 2000 and it played like a wet dream, though the neck was sticky and slow.

After I moved to Michigan, the wood changed and had this horrible fret buzz. Then the kid who I met and joined a band with had a LTD and his had a horrible fret buzz aswell.

I'm good at working on guitars and I spent hrs trying to get rid of that horrible fret buzz. I finally gave up and sent it in to a professional, he fixed it but the action was all messed up. Needless to say, I eBay'd it for $150.00

I wish I would have bought the Dinky I was torn between the two.

IMO- LTD suck, the EMG-hz suck, and the wood sucks. I'll never buy another.
GO with the LTD. I have played jackson and LTD and i just prefer LTD. But don't buy a guitar from a website. I talked to this guy today at a guitar store, and he used to work for musicians friend, and he said lots of the stuff is in bad condition. But if you want to take the risk go ahead.

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If i hadn't played either, i would go for the RR, but having played both, go for the LTD. Its so comfortable, and alot of people hate the the wood, it sounds and plays heavenly...The RR is way clumsy, but still pretty nice...
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i have the rr..i actually just set it down...its great...buy it...

as for the floyd, shut the hell up if you have never owned one

ive had very few problems with mine..it works great(but an orig. floyd would be nifty)
Are you a rhythm or lead guitarist? I personally am a rhythm guitarist (not in a band or anything, I just prefer rhythm), so I would choose the ESP, its more of a LP-type guitar, good for laying down a chunky rhythm, but the Rhoads has a screaming lead tone and is super fast.