Mesa Dual Rectifier or Marshall JCM2000 Triple Lead solo head? Which one do you all think is overall better. I play mainly metal and hard rock. I know they are both pretty versatile, and the dual rect is like 200 dollars more. I am pretty set on the Mesa Dual Rectifier. Thanks for the advice.
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I know Of alot of Metal bands that use the Mesa Dual Recto. But the only metal band that I know of that uses the Marshall JCM2000 is Hatebreed, if that helps.
But if I had to make a choice. Id go for the Mesa.
And also the peavey 5150/6505 is a great Metal head, if you havnt already looked into it...
yeah the peavey 6505 was another top choice of mine that i have really considered.
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I think you would want an OD for that JCM...but they pack a crazy punch, and can nail ANY rock tone. And a fair bit of metal before an OD. The Recto is a great amp too. Should handle a good amout of gain. And the 6505 is a balls to the walls kick ass amp.
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yeah go for the Rectifier, JCM lacks balls when it comes to getting that raw tone
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JCM2000. But a modded rectifier will likely be better then a JCM. The rectifier is good for rhythm only really IMO.

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