I was wondering what everyones take on avenged sevenfold was I heard mixed thoughts about them I personaly love them they are one of my favorite bands I was just wondering what others thought of them. So what are they?
They are my favorite band ever usually i listen to mostly classic rock but lately ive started listinging to A7X i love there guitar solos ive put like 30 hours into trying to master the solo for bat country alone

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sweet dude i know how to play a crapload of their songs but right now im working on the solo from second heartbeat man its hard as hell to play it that fast a be correct lol
They're one of my favorite bands although I think Waking the Fallen was alot better than City of Evil. And btw, asking that question on this forum will definately make some people complain.
i love them, but when i saw them live, shadows tryed to sing Unholy confessions with out screaming, man.. it was crap, but everything else about them live kickass
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****ty band.
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