Just got one today, but i'm thinking about returning it and getting something else.
When i first plugged it in, it sounded like crap, but after some tweaking i got it to sound really good, but i feel i could've gotten better.

I'm thinking about returning the metal zone for either:

Digitech Metal Master - would it be better/more versatile than the Boss Metal zone?

Ibanez TS9 - can it give me a metal sound? Would it be better than the metal zone and metal master?

My amp is a Crate XT65R, and i'll be using the pedal over the solo channel

I like to play metal if you didn't already know

I basically want a pedal to give me a better metal-lead/solo sound.
You might look into the Line 6 Uber Metal. That has gotten pretty good reviews. Or you may want a pedal that has its on pre-amp in it that way it can give you a better distortion.
maybe you dont wanna get that Ibanez TS9, its not designed for metal. its just to boost your leads and stuffs...

MT2 > Metal Master
one should not feel threatened by opinions contrary to his own
i know the TS9 isn't designed for metal, but what if it was used to boost a high gain channel?
hhmm I am not sure abou that, all i know its specifically to boost your leads just like DS-1 and DOD 250 dont know if it also works for rhythm
one should not feel threatened by opinions contrary to his own
if i put the tubescreamer over an already high gain channel, would it be able to achieve metal lead tones?
personally, i like the metal zone, ive gotten a good Megadeth and Iron Maiden sound out of it, and if you tweak it enough, you can get alot of different sounds out of it
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I have that crate amp, but i dont use it anymore, and i used the MT-2 over the solo channel and yeah it sounded terrible so i wouldnt use it over the solo channel. The metal zone does sound good over the clean channel though. I would get a Metal Zone. Metal Master doesnt sound that good. But no pedals sound good over the solo channel.