Ok, so as anybody who's ever heard any of my songs knows, I'm not much of a singer. Extreme monotone, lack of emotion, etc. Anyways, Muse's New Born has always been a song that I've loved singing to myself when no one's listening, because its vocal melodies are top notch. And, just about an hour ago, I finally obtained an instrumental for it. SO I decided I might as well - for fun's sake - try recording vocals for it.

So remember - I am NOT claiming to be a decent singer, and this is more of a vocal experiment than anything else (definitely not a "finalized" recorded track).

But I'm curious for feedback and whatnot, so please leave me your comments/suggestions and I'd appreciate that

Crit for crit.


(Oh, and I got kind of carried away and hyper while recording this so oftentimes I made weird noises. Twice in the song you'll hear me screeching while breathing inwards [inspired by that Tenacious D song ] )
Honestly I had to stop it. Sorry. Your not a strong singer. I'm not flaming you, just being honest. Your Tool cover is very interesting. I like that one.
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you stay too bunched up pitch-wise. You need to learn to just go balls out and increase your volume and let some emotion flow into some higher notes, and ride around the scale a little bit.
Axethrower: Heh, thanks for being so kind about my voice's cacophony. Glad ya liked the Aenima cover =)

Spazz: Yeah, the thing is, people always tell me to just let loose and not restrain myself so much. Problem is, I thought I was letting loose while singing and just giving it my all. It's weird - it's as if, no matter how much I try, I always end up sounding bored or uninspired. Thanks for the feedback though.
Listening to this right now - i dont think this song is right for ur style of vocals...

Muse sings pretty high in this song (dont they?) so its pretty hard to reach up to that standard.

The screeching part scared me! Didnt see that one coming - as i was playing it pretty loud lol - but cool nevertheless.

Anyway it would b cool if u can crit mine? Cheers!

^ Yeah, Matt Bellamy (the Muse vocalist) sings extremely high, so it was pretty weird for me to try to emulate him. Gotta work on my falsetto
^You have to work on your everything Check the vocals thread in Musician Talk for tips.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be much worse. At least you're in tune at the beginning...