Hey. My friend has a Gibson Les Paul Standard. He bought it for $2000 holiday sale. He hasnt upgraded anything. The thing is amazingly easy to play and it feels great. Whenever I go into a guitar store like Sam Ash or Guitar Center, I try their Gibson Les Paul Standards but they are not nearly as nice as his. They feel horrible and sound pretty bad (worse than my Godin which is a nice guitar, but its only $350). I cant do anything on them. One of the Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop guitars I played today had inlays that werent level to the fret board. Instead, some corners were popping up a little and it was just a mess which how dirty the frets were. I know that these places dont really get new Gibsons, only used ones from other people, but why are they so bad. They are being sold for the same price, maybe $100-200 less but thats it. I want to buy a Gibson Les Paul Standard, which I would probably order new, but im afraid that the Les Paul I get will be like the ones that I have tried in the store and not like my friends.

Thanks so much!
Well, new gibsons generally suck. I've got a 1980 LP standard and it plays like a dream... however, their craftsmanship seems to be REALLY going down the ****ter the last 4-5 years.

The only way to ensure you get EXACTLY what you want is to buy it from the store. You've just experienced the ****ty Quality Control that Gibson USA now has. This means if you want an instrument you have to go try it yourself... find the one that sounds great, feels great, and looks great. THEn buy it. I tried every Les Paul/LP copy/whatever in the $1000-$2500 range in my area. thats like SIX guitar stores. It takes awhile, but when you're spending that much money you might as well get what you want, right?
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He has one from this year so its not the age. And yes, they do have old strings at the store, but thats not what the problem is.

It is the age. Their quality control standards are going down, to maximize their profits. They're making crappier products for the money. They USED to make top-notch instruments, now you have to pay three times as much (and from gibson, thats a ****load of money) to get the same quality that you used to.

check my post above.
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A setup and restring wont help poor inlay work or uneven frets, etc, though.

Exactly. I mean I dont even know how an inlay can become messed up.
It doesn't get messed up, it leaves the factory that way... which is why I was saying their quality control sucks unfortunately. I like gibson guitars, they're great instruments when you find a decent one.

Just play as many as you can and find the one that feels/looks the best and you'll be good.
Just buy Japanese stuff if you don't want to spend a ton of time testing out a billion Gibsons. Consistency is alot better with the nicer Jap brands like Epi Elite or Tokai. The quality might not be right with a top notch, well put together Gibson, but at least they're not all over the place. I've not seen many Elitist lemons, but I've seen plenty bad Gibbos. I blame this on America's fatness.
The Epiphones look nice, but its like, when you have an Epi Les Paul, people are like, oh its Epiphone. My friend, the other guitarist in my band, has a Gibson Les Paul and i cant go around looking like a wannabe to him with a Epiphone Les Paul. Also, my friend had a Epiphone X-Plorer and the quality of that was horrible. I dont know what about it made me pretty much turn my back to Epiphones, but I guess I will have to at least try it.
^Elitists are completely different instruments, trust me. And the opinion of anyone who pays more attention to the headstock than the tone of a guitar shouldn't be relevant to you. But even so, a GOOD Gibson will be much better.
^ exactly. Nothing i've ever played compares to a great gibson. Too bad we live in current times. We're most people live in hope of getting rich and then hope of getting richer. they decide to get richer by employing illegal non educated workers and jacking up prices.
There's definately a large range of quality in Les Pauls, I've probably played twice as many poor ones as decent, and only one or two really good ones. A few have just been strikingly awful, with sharp frets, sloppy inlays etc. like you describe.

Unfortunately, you just have to try them out until you find a really good one. In my experience, the custom shop models(historic reissues, etc.) have better quality overall, and some aren't too much more expensive than standards(R8s are $2500 IIRC).