So, my band has started gigging again and at the moment I am using my SWR Workingman's 12 Combo (the older discontinued ones not the WorkingPro new one)...And I dont like pushing my SWR (120W) to the limit every time we practice and/or gig...The tone sometimes gets distorted and tinny when I play aggresively and the volume/tone goes all over the place (something I hope my limiter/enhancer will help with once it arrives)...I also feel that I need more headroom and volume to construct and fine tune my own tone because right now I have to turn the bass and volume all the way up just to be heard...So now I'm hoping to get a new >150 watt combo or a >200 watt head/cabinet...My guitarists have 100W and 120W Behringers if that matters...

So I noticed this cabinet was very cheap...I was astonished that this was the actual price...Does anyone have any opinions on this?...If I buy this 350W, 8 ohm cabinet, what amp heads will be enough to get at least 200W out of it at 8 ohms?...(cheap ones...I'm broke ) I like the HA3500 but that ones kinda expensive..

heres the link to the cabinet..its a hartke
I thought it was a steal at that price and I couldnt afford not to get it...Unfortunately at the moment I only (barely) have enough for the cabinet, not the head so a head will come later I guess...

thanks for any input...any (cheap) alternatives to this cabinet and head will be very helpful as well because this cabinet may be a bit too excessive for my current situation...I'm also still considering combos...

thanks for any input
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I find Behringers to have the most godawful tone and reliability I've ever seen in a bass amp.
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Look at Avatar, have heard only great reviews (and from discerning and picky ears at that) and they are very cheap and use the same speaker quality as in ampegs, GKs, etc.
Yep, Avatar is great. I've had two of their cabs for a while. You'll never overpower them (my 410 has power handling of 1200 or 1600 watts...I forgot which, but that's still high).

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