I've been wanting to start listening to punk. It sounds appealing to me, and i love the punk scene. so anyway, what are some good punk bands??

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my favs:
strike anywhere
rise against
thought riot
against me!
anti flag
a wilhelm scream

by the way these are all current bands
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i listen to alkaline trio, rise against, taking back sunday, sum 41, matchbook romance, motion city soundtrack, and a ton of others even tho there not all punk
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i would start with the real punk, the original and ture stuff

THE STOOGES-originators of punk
dead kenndeys, sex pistols, ramones, the clash, the cramps, etc,
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I really like rise against, but are they considerd Punk??

P.S. Thanks for the bands guys, i don't know where to start.

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RIP Roger "Syd" Barrett

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Go to the punk reccomendation thread. Most of what has been reccomended in this thread hasn't been punk.
Sex pistols, ramones, misfits, the clash(1st and 2nd albums are punk anyways), dead kennedys, and STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Those are all great old school punk bands.
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listen to some ska..Mustard Plug, MU330

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