I have a school assignment, so i choose how pickups works...
So ive checked it up on the internet, and it all seems kind of confusing to me...

For my assigment...
i need to know how both single coil, and humbuckers work(diffence in sound too)
the difference between different magnets...(alnico II, alnico V, ceramics)
THe difference in sounds between differently wound coils

Thanks for your help
pickups are microphones in your guitar that record the sound and sent it throught the cable to your amp, i dont really know the specifics, but i think the humbuckers have like magnetised copper around them and that counters the strings vibration and reduces the hum sound
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they/...."pick" "up" the vibration of the string...go figure

anyway...do your own research instead of trying to get random ppl half of whom are incompetant, probably myself included....to do it for you
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go to howstuffworks.com and type in pickups in the search box, it'll give you all you need
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