I'm looking to buy a new guitar, but too many to choose from online and don't have a guitar store nearby (also, you're all much more guitar savy than me).

Here are some specs wanted :
-I want a relatively versatile guitar,
-I like to play a variety : rock, blues, funk and punk/alternative
-I wanna guitar that has a fast neck (that you can shred on, so neck can't be too big and bulky/thick).
-Has at least one humbucker.
-has a whammy bar
-US$1500 or under

Now I know there's no perfect guitar, but if you can recommend me some guitar models that can fit most of the criteria that'll be really helpful.

Thanks for all your help.
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*Ibanez RG1570 and swap the pups to a new one.
*ESP M-400, no need pup swap, the EMGs are good enough, alder.
*ESP MH-400, same as the M-400, cept its mahogany with quilted top.
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Ibanez RG series, they have a thin neck and normal sized frets thy're around 200-700 dollars
Ibanez Rg or maybe a parker?
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ibanez makes good guitars get one of them
Ibanez GSR190 Bass
Ibanez IBZ10B amp

Ibanez GAX30
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well that would really depend on the pick ups which you swapped them out with
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well, ibanez makes a light guitar, if u want a heavier bass sound u might want to try a mahogany model.

but all in all, get the guitar that feels good to hold, and swap out the pups for ur preferred mellowness.

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how does blues/funk sound on an Ibanez RG?

Sounds just fine, depends on ur pickup, if you use the IBZ DiMarzio made or INF stock in 'em, there's nothing special, just a normal tone but it works just fine. Also 80% is from ur amp.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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