my friend and i are thinking of starting a band. were both 14. we know a good drummer who is 13, and another guitarist (i play guitar, friend plays keyboard) who is 13. the other guitar isnt very good. he can play power chords and thinks he knows barre chords, but doesnt really. should we start a band and should i teach him stuff like open chords and stuff he needs to know while were in the band. or should he come over like, and hour or and hour and a half before band practice and i teach him then or what should we do?
I recommend you have him over BEFORE practice so you don't have everyone in the band just sit there while you teach him how to play. It would waste lots of everyones time and jsut be frusterating. And I don't know if an hour would be long enough, you may want to get together with him a few times before you do a full band practice with him.

I don't really know though, becuase I don't know any of the people involved (obviously) but that seems like a reasonable suggestion. Hope it helped
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yea u prolly should have him over b4 practice...if u didnt already ask him to be in the band u could always find someone else or u could just tell him u dont want him...but otherwise id have him over b4 practice and tell him songs to practice and stuff that way hell get better
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it depends if your gonna be playing easy or hard stuff..if he wants to play greenday hes all set
I guess one good thing you can get out of teaching him is to fit him into your band's style. But yea, meet up with him one on one for a bit before deciding whether he's ready to jam with the rest of the band, and in the meantime your band can get its act going first.
Depends on what you want to be playing. I'm asuming covers because you're new.
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