Okay, me and a few of my less musically talented friends are trying to get ready to play a song in our school's battle of the bands. I am gonna go out on a limb and say you've never heard it, so here it is for ur listening pleasure.


btw, this is mainly a joke becaus this song comes from a movie called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. this song might not be exactly appropriate for school, but were gonna risk it.
And after you read all that you must be wondering what i want?
Help witht he solo, its kinda long i dont really know where to start, im not gonna find any tabs for this song anywhere.
So, if you could tell me where to start this(i can improv. from there) or another solo to replace with it, do so, please.
I need help within a few days.

thanks for your time.
it sounds like a parody, try

Journey - Any Way You Want It

the solo in that sounds the same, and isnt that hard to do, and theres lots of tabs out there for it.