Hi, I am looking for a delay pedal, one that is under $200, and I want a nice delay sound that is similar to David Gilmour's delay sound. I have looked and tried the Boss
DD-3 and the DD-6 and they seemed cool but is there a better choice than these pedals? Which pedal is the best quality delay sound and is the most reliable out of these models:

Boss DD-3 or DD-6
Line 6 Echopark
Ibanez DE7

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Meh, out of the three, i'd go with any boss delay, personally because i love the single mode. Buy 2 dd-3/5's, set one for long n short, and your set.

Otherwise, look into the boss rack delay. It'll give you a lot more control, so you can set the stage for some gilmour tones.
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Boss Giga Delay. 23 Seconds of Delay.

For what? Who can honestly say they've incorporated all 23 seconds of delay in a song that wasn't inspired by a lot of weed?

If you can find a used EHX Deluxe Memory Man, IMHO, they are much better than the ones you mentioned. But out of the ones listed, I'd go Echo Park.
Even though they are prone to breakdown, i'd recommend a Line 6 DL-4.
I have a Boss DD-6, and i like it, i just wish it had a seperate pedal for on/off and tap tempo. You'll find out what i mean if you buy it.
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Out of the ones listed, I would say the Boss DD-3 purely because it sounds the cleanest and has the least amount of processing done to your audio signal of the other ones. I've found this to be true over the years: the more things your pedal can do (ESPECIALLY digital ones), the worse the tone will be. I have to agree with utsapp89 though, and say for you to look for a Deluxe Memory Man. I bought one on a whim, and it is the only delay pedal to stay in my arsenal. All the other ones sounded like toys compared to this one, so I sold them all.
echo park is pretty good not the best.

Line 6's DL4 is great

The DD-20 is really good too (DL4's rival) i have one and its got so much stuff on it. its really cool.