Yo, does anyone else here like Decapitated?They are one of "the"most heaviest hardcore metal bands out there. If your a true metalist you have to check these crazy motha fu**as out. Try Spheres of Madness or Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover), they are sick. There metal is so heavey that if you compared it to a fat guy it would weigh more.
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They are a very good band. But please stop disgracing their name with your irritating behavior.
Here are my thoughts on Decapitated.

Winds of Creation: Got some great tracks, astounding technicality, but overrated to hell. Sucky vocals to boot, and all the songs are the same.

Nihility: Awful. Triggered-to-fuckwittery drums, nasty guitar tone, louder sucky vocals.

The Negation: Don't have it, but from what I've heard, boring.

Organic Hallucinosis: Better vocalist, but boring from what I've heard.

Decapitated gets a 2/10 for me, if only for Nine Steps and Spheres of Madness, which are great songs.
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Love em,1 of my favorite bands.

Except for the new 1,hate the vocals.
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only Winds of Creation was good.
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