I have been playing for roughly 6 months and I just now started practising scales, haha im a sucky teacher for myself....but anyways...

Im just curious, for example lets use the minor pentatonic scale, starting at the fifth fret. I started out using my index finger and ring finger and walking it...but the more I look at it, the more it makes sense that maybe I should use my Index for the 5th fret, my pinky for the 8th, and my ring finger for the 7th fret...

So are you suppose to use all ur fingers? Id rather break the habbit now rather then breaking it in another month once I have everything down, lol its much harder to break bad habbits :P

you might not be a bad teacher after all thats right, im glad you figured it out. think of it like 1 fret 1st finger, 4 fret, 4th finger
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pretty much the second thing you said, except some people stretch their 3rd finger from the 5th fret to the 8th and would only use their pinky when its 5th to 9th
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personally i use the pinky for the low E string 8th fret, but because i put my thumb around the neck for most penationic things i use the 3rd finger for B and high E because it give more strength for string bending and i tend to bend those ones a lot. but your idea works probably just as well as mine. if not better.
unfortunately my pinky finger is weak...and my ring finger tends to be pertty close to my pinky making it hard to move sometimes...its annoying, haha I guess i just need more practise and get my muscles in my fingers use to being stretched apart.

But thanks for clearing this up. I guess when you are soloing im sure you may have to improvise things so maybe which finger presses what doesnt ultimately matter assuming you can hit the notes srtong and accurately...but since im slow and inaccurate, Ill learn it the right way first :P

haha I can see why now even professionals still practise scales...I need to start correcting myself before I get using only my two fingers into my muscle memory, lol. Thanks, aprpeciate it