i'm looking for a decent program that i can create cheesy 80s style drum beats with to use in recordings. any suggestions will be met with much love.
ya i need a program that can just make a drum beat period.

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i found an old freeware program called hammerhead but its making me wanna bust out some vanilla ice.
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ya i need a program that can just make a drum beat period.

I second that.
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Go download Acoustica Beatcraft. It's ****ing great. You get a free fully functional 12 day demo. From what I hear, you can also use Limewire or E-Donkey2000 and download it and the keygen, instead of buying it. Not that I would do anything like that.... Anyway, check it out. It's a great program and very easy to use. I just got it today and I've written two songs and created several beats. www.acoustica.com/beatcraft
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Any simular expirances UG users?
If you have a mac, use Garageband, lots of cool loops.

and ChrisL2003, I can name all those album titles.
Satriani, Surfing with the Alien
Black Sabbath, master of reality
Rush, moving pictures
ozzy, blizzard of ozz
Black Label Society stronger than death
Pantera reinventing the steel
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reason 3.0

might be over the top though. it does GREAT drums tho. using samples instead of midi instruments.