Some good guitar playing, I liked it, although the backing was kind of annoying
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Thanks alot for the honesty guys. What do u mena tho? The rhythm playing isnt that good or the chord progression? Im not sure what you mean.
I think maybethey were talkning about how after the solo ended you just let the backing play for about 45 seconds, and it did get a little repetitive. Also, while I liked the solo, it blended into the backing really bad. There were some parts that I couldn't make out. Try changing tone on the solo guitars just a little bit, to make them different from each other and the backing. That will make them stand out much better.

So no problems with the solo itself, just the recording.
^^ Yeah i see what you guys mean. The reason that the backing plays for like 30 seconds after the solo is cause im still adding on to it, this is just the intro here. Yeah im going to go back and remix it, maybe re record the rhythm again. Thanks for the feedback

When you said blended bad, do u mean that like the mixing or the melody against the chords? Should the solo be louder do u think?

EDIT: ok i remixed it maybe i fixed it i dunno, its the "harmonized guitar intro"
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sounded like a ballad type thing. i say 9/10 as a ballad. if it was meant to be rock type i give it a 3.5/10.
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^^ Thanks alot. Good thinking about playin the rhythm clean, I was thinking about that also. I mess around with that tomorrow.