the trem i bought for my current project came with 4 springs and , all i know is that of course the more springs the flatter the trem gets with the body, but i know some people who use 3 springs while others that use 5, so what are the different effects you get from either number of springs?
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depends on the trem your using rather than the number of springs. more springs= more tension.
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The tighter it is, the more it will pull back to its norm, thus providing more tuning stability, rather than just letting the bridge float and make the knife edges get stuck on the studs. Basically, the more springs you add, the further your claw have to be moved away from the body, if the tension is too mucho or too many springs used (e.g after you down-pull dive), the risk of the claw's thread inside the body may be scrapped and washing away all the threads are there. Whereas too little spring will just make it overstretch and loose, more prone to lose tuning. Default is 3, 4 is fine and 5 'can' be too much, depends.
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