Hey there.. I was just looking at the Epiphone Valve Junior Head and all the reviews, and i think its a darn good deal. However, how does it work?? Yeah, i know a little: that you just connect it to a cab.. But usually cabs don't have any controls like treble mid and bass right?? So i was wondering if you could hook it up to a combo instead? My combo is 25 watts with all the controls like OD and EQ.. Will there be any problems with my combo, like will it blow or something lol. If it's connectable, how would you connect it? From the epi's output to my combo's input? Thanks for your help!
No, you just connect it to a cab like a SS head. If the head doesn't have any tone controls, it doesn't have any tone controls. All you can do with the amp is turn up the volume for more volume and distortion.

Use the tone controls on your gutiar, and your playing style to change your tone.

You can also use an EQ pedal in front of it, but that's not the same thing. Either way, the amps not designed for versatility, it's designed for cranked tube tone at low volumes.
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You'll have to use pedals/ your guitar for shaping your tone if you don't want just a volume control.
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whatever you do don't plug the output of the head into another amp input... that can lead to undesirable things happpening i.e. damaging both your amps.
Oh okay, thx fer your replies.. So All i can do is : Guitar->(Pedals)->Tube Head->Cab??
Also, does lets say, the Epi Valve Junior Tube Head, have any distortion on it? Or it only comes from your pedal? Thanks
Once you turn the volume all the way up, the distorsion happens naturally, classic overdrive.
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When you turn it up, the valves will start to break up, giving more overdrive.
So yes, when you crank it.
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But a pedal would definetely help yeah? Which type would be better for this: Boss ds-1 or od-3?
I've got an OD-3, it's quite nice, but it's not really super-natural sounding, sounds a bit boxey...
What sort of overdrive tones are you looking for?
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I'm looking for uh, a nice smooth distortion.. Not blues or jazz though, more like punk-rock stuff, and not into metal.. haha

Oh yeah, lets say if i can't afford a tube head and a cab, getting a tube combo would be just as good yeah? For bedroom and home jamming
^Yup, and they're more portable too, and with most of them, you can attatched a cab aswell.
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Well, roughly 200-300..

Hehe, im thinking Epiphone Dot (with some high o/p pup)-> Boss DS-1/OD-> Tube

Sounds oaky?? The amp is for bedroom only, while the rest is for everything else
I currently own a Johnson Stage 25 ss 25w amp and a RP80.. Oh, and a Squier strat.
I'm thinking of upgrading to a dot and get a ds-1, as i think i shld be able to sell off my present stuff. Maybe i should keep the amp for the meantime and focus on getting the dot and ds-1? I'm only about a hunderd bucks away from the dot!

I'm not working, only saving.. so yeah. Step by step.. What do you think?

do you think a ss is good enough for now??
well if you're just starting out then yeah stick with the SS, but if you are jamming with friends or getting a band going, it would probably be best to upgrade your amp and worry about your guitar later. IF you are jamming with a band, get something tube thats on a budget, this'll be my second time today recommending this amp, but the Peavey Valveking 112 will serve well for you and is all-tube, on a budget. If anything, save for that amp, try it out, and if you like it, buy it! Also, you shouldn't have to worry about a DS-1 because it is tube, it'll give you nice warm gain. Since you're playing punk and blues, go for a Digitech Bad Monkey (anybody else, if they wanna give a better recommendation) Tube Overdrive, that should be a nice warm drive for blues, and will give you enough for punk.
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