Hey all. I played for 5 or 6 years, maybe 15 years ago. I'm going to start at the start again after so long. Deciding on a model. I'm thinking of the Peavey Millenium 4BXP,
ESP B-55, or Ibanez GSR200FM. These are all cheap basses from big manufacturers I think might be a good start back. Does any one own one of the above and have info./advice? I want to play jazz, metal, rock/alternative, so a good range would be nice.
go with the ibanez, peavey is generally crap unless its thier top line and low end esp's arent much better.
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DO not get a Peavey I am messing with Millenium 3 righ tnow and it is the ****tyest bass i have ever messed with, get a Squier J-Bass there good starters or and Ibanez
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GET A USED BASS. In case you haven't heard the first time - GET A USED BASS! =)

You'll grow out of those cheap basses quickly. You can find a lot of good stuff for 250 bucks. SOmetimes, even GREAT stuff (if you're lucky)

go ebay. Even if you want the GSR, you can get one from there. Most people sell their entrylevel basses after a year there.
I bought the Ibanez GSR200FM. A Peavey Max110 practice amp as well. As a guitar and amp go, they were fairly cheap. I don't care if I want something nicer in two years, they're fine for that long, for what I paid. Thanks for the replies.