this is surprisingly better than i though it would be. the recordings not great, but obviously its not your fault. this has the potential to be a really good song. vocal wise is where it could have most improvement. well from my point of view. the singer has a great voice in the chorus, but i feel if he 'went for it' a bit more in the verses it would improve the song, but thts just my point of view as im tryin to be constructive, but well done guys, this has potential.

have a look at my pop-punk bands first recording and be as negative as you want!

well done again. i like this
hey thanks for the reply. I'm the singer and yeah i agree. I wanted to re-record the verses but the rest of the band insisted it sounded fine. There isn't enough emphasis in them i feel. Glad to see i'm not crazy and someone else agrees :P i'll check your band out
typing as i listen
dont like wat effet u have on the guitar
it sounds alright and its different but i dont like it
ur vocals dont have wat they need, like theyr kinda weak, they need more strength
theyr stronger in the chorus, they sound really good there
but the verses do need more behind them
good song

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You're doing good, mate.

Keep up the good work.

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hey thanks for the reply. yeah i agree. i hate my vocals in the verse, i wanna re-record them. i was really distanced from the mic since my s's and p's popped so much so i had to focus on projecting volume rather than energy in singing really.
Way better than i thought it would be, Good job.

As said before re-record the vocals in the verses and itlls be fine.

But the guitars sounded like kazoos to me >_><_<.... oh well
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hahah like kazoos? that's pretty weird hahah don't think i've heard that. But yeah, vocals were one take which kinda sucked for me. But thanks for the criticism!
great piece.. i hope u could recorded it properly.. because its a really nice song.. you vocal is great.. the backing vocal is good.. nice!
I like it, the verses have a sort of pop-punk/80's Jam stlye feel to them, good bass riff behind there.....vocals are good, not out of tune as far as I can hear, and a strong voice, I like the contrast between a fairly laid back verse (vocal wise) and you go into it for the chorus. Good ending, drums are ok, as are guitars.....well done....

If you could give mine a listen....


awesome that somebody notices/likes the contrasting vocals! thanks
Hey thanks. There's really no effect on the guitar except i guess an ugly distortion. Ah well, we'll work that out for next time. But yeha, crit back it is
Very cool. Sounds fantastic. I do agree with whatever everybody else said about the vocals belting it a bit more during the verses. Either that, or tone down the guitar and drums a little bit so that you can have the major contrast with the chorus. ^ ^ I'd do that.
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Thanks for the compliment. That's actually a pretty good idea I should try (toning down the guitar and drums to contrast) that i never thought of. Hmm...