a few things about country music.

First off, what are some bands / musicians that play like Johnny Cash?

What are some Johnny Cash songs that sound decent on a harmonica (only the more "popular" songs, I only have a best of album)

And just talk about your favourite country music
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i hate how people only name johnny cash as the only country artist that's good. that's bs. if you like johnny cash then most likely youll like 67% of the outlaw country that cash helped mold. willie nelson is grand, merle haggard is grand, and so is johnny horton. by the way, its safe to say that new country officially ruined the integrity and any credibility country music has had in its past. but its also safe to say that 99.3% of the women who played country music since its origin have done the same thing.
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David Allan Coe
John Prine
Merle Haggard
Willie Nelson
not quite like Johnny Cash, but I still dig on Hank Williams
Shania Twain!
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