Recently my band has started gettting large gigs with about 2500+ people for about $450 an hour. I was just wondering how can we improve our stage prescence and work the crowd?
The venue is outdoors and its sorta like an amphitheatre. We (the band) are at the bottom looking up at everyone. The people there dont really get into the music alot. They mostly sit on picnic rugs, eat and drink.

So please can anyone give some tips about stage prescence and working the crowd.
Tune your guitars to like A*extreme flat* and play the first three strings open between screams of "can you feel it?!?!?!?!" and "come on you ****s!"
well i f they are sitting down with a picnic then their only wanting to listen and not get up and start moshing or whatever you were thinking, I have played one of those before and the best thing you can do is just play for yourselfs and make it good becuase they will be concentrating on the music more then your stage presense.
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Oh ok. I noticed that with a few of first songs that they seemed to applause alot but after we get about 20mins in they dont really applause after the songs at all...Does that mean theyre bored?
nah, people just get lazy... try not to worry too much about the crowd if they are there to eat a picnic... i coudnt think of anything worse than a hyper band annoying me while i eat...
cut yourself onstage, ride a skateboard doing a handstand, have interactive parts of your songs where people can clap along or where you teach them a part to sing. why the hell are you getting 2500 people at your shows without knowing stage presence? who is even showing up to your gigs? old people???
Well its not really our show.. We play nearby to a mall and there is this huge grassy amphitheatre next to it. On fridays when the shops/resturants are open late, most of the people will be sitting around listening to whatever band is on playing. The management found us playing at a market and decided that since we're young we could use the exposure, so theyve got us booked for about 2hours each week.

Most of the people that are around watching us will be anywhere from about 15-35 years old.
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If your band has sorta like a heavy breakdown thing, You can stand on the drum riser looking at the other side of the stage, and as you come out of the breakdown jump off the drum riser to the edge of the stage.

Jump off monitors or something (Make sure you dont stand on the grilles)

Move around.
I'm usually around drunk people so I'm not very familiar with working sober crowds.

If they want to relax, trying to work them up will probly piss them off though. Just get a few kinda calm singalongs to throw in the middle of your set.

If you have serious money, maybe get some wireless stuff so you guys can move into the crowd. Not to really get the crowd going but just to have fun and interact, I saw a band do that at a theme park about a month ago.
We get bout $450 an hour and $1125 for 2and a half hours. I was looking at some wireless stuff for guitar but I couldnt seem to find anything from any of the reliable brands.