I wanted to look for an amp after playing with this dumb bass amp that i borrowed from a friend.

Looking for an amp thats probably good personal or jam and recording (predicting thats like... 30w-50w right?) that under $100. Looking for something that is good for an intermediate player. Something that can play clean but also give out nice noise gain. Not really planning to play anything like heavy metal, more like alternative music. Would like an amp with plenty of features.

Thanks in advance!

For that price, you won't get many decent amps.
Either raise your price range, or look for a used Vox Valvetronix.
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Yea, there is nothing in that pricerange. Save up some more money.
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Micro Cube?
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^ Micro Stack
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^ Micro Stack

no, he's talking about the roland micro cubes. i have the 60W, and that things is LOUD, but that was 250, but the 15's are 99.. those microstacks are around 300, right? i've never come across them in stores, just in magazines.