Hello everyone, first thread so go easy! I'm having trouble with some parts of classical gas, mainly with fingering. The picking hand is not a problem, that's fine. The problem is the left hand on the frets. I can play all of the song apart from these bits (big bits I know lol)

This is the first bit, in the build up to the chorus. I've been thinking I should use my thumb for the bass notes? Could someone put in the fingerings for me?


There's some more but I won't be greedy!

Thanks a lot to anyone who can do it.
First of all, all bass notes are of course played with your thumb (not fretted, fingered).

the fretting works like this. first chord index first fret, ring 3rd. next chord, bar first fret with index, middle goes second fret. next chord high e ring, h index, g middle. its very easy transition.

the rest is obvious right?

oh yeah, just go on google video and search for classical gas. theres a few people playing it, some are pretty good and you can see the fingering very well.
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Yeh the rest is fine but is barring the best way to play those harmonies? Just strijes me when you're moving fast getting in a bar isn't the most ideal thing to do.

Thanks slick much appreciated
i myself actually dont bar but instead of the low e on the first fret i play the open a string.
Playing an A note instead of an F note? Sheesh.. The harmony is lost if you do that.

The first 3 notes are just a half C chord, then F chord, D7 chord and lastly a G chord. Simple as that.
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The first 3 notes are just a half C chord, then F chord, D7 chord and lastly a G chord. Simple as that.


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yea u just basicly need to barre the chords... try just switching chords C F D7 G practice the switching motions and you should be able to get it
Same as above, Barre away man.... the only (posibly) difficult part to get is the second decent in notes, but all you have to do is barre it....