hello yes im new and ive been really really listening to RHCP ALOT lately and John just freakin amazes me and has now inspired me to start playing. i was wondering what guitar would be great to start out at. i was thinking either this 2...

Epiphone Les Paul Standard


Fender Stratocaster

...also whats that thing called that they use in Dani California where it makes the guitar sound distorted. i was thinking it was one of those distortion pedal that ive seen other ppl use. but im just asking again. and which one is the best?
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got the pictures mixed up, buddy.

anyway, if you're starting out, get the cheaper one, I suppose.
Go for the epi, but try and get a decent amp
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Get a good amp and buy the strat. You'll have more tones to choose from. Apart from RHCP, what music do you like/will like to play?
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hmmm other music? i dont really know, there is lots of rhcp i can play. ill just focus on that for now. im just a beginner. also what amp do you recommend?
john uses single coils, go for the strat
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ok so far i found out that im getting

Fender Stratocaster
BOSS DS-1 Distortion
Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal (closes thing to WH10 that john uses)

though i still dont have an amp. can anyone recommend a good non expensive one?
well you could either get a roland cube or the vox ad15 either way their both great cheap amps
Sounds like a good set-up. About the amp, John uses Marshalls, but most marshalls out there would be MG series (which stink). Perhaps, look into the Traynor YCV series. Supposed to have a fender like clean (you want good cleans) and a Marshall like distortion.

Edit- I didn't see the cheap part. I've heard good things about the Roland cube.
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what a well spelt, well writted post for a newbie, well done! i have used both, and advise the strat for chilli peppers style playing. however, you get better distorted tones out of the les paul imo.
nope that amp any good. like i advised you before you should get a roland cube and a fender standard fat strat
Yea, I have the Fender Strat (upgrading to an LP Studio soon ) and its awesome.
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I swear, I was gonna get that exact Epi, same colour and everything, lol. Good luck finding a good guitar for you
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If I was you, I'd buy the Strat. John uses singe-coils. I'd get the Roland Cube too. Great amp for the price.

And that thing in Dani California that makes the guitar sound distorted is a distrotion pedal, I believe. Good luck

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thanks everyone for their suggestions and comments its clear that the Fender has won me over.
the distortion pedal john uses in dani california is an electo harmonix bigg muff that is mixed with a boss ds 2 for that crunch sound
rolands ive heard are mainly good for metal.i think vox valvetronix
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I'd buy the Strat also, u cant go wrong
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you should spend more money on an amp, because it affects your tone A LOT more than an expensive guitar.
Dude, strat for sure.
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get the strat, since that is what john uses mostly, for an amp roland cube or vox valvetronix
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